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no photo of restaurant La Bougnate

La Bougnate

Auvergne restaurant 10 comments
2 rue germain Pilon
75018  Paris
"What a surprising find in the Pigalle area! The cuisine is typical Auvergne/Perigord, and delicious. Frank (host) and..." more... »
photo Victoria Station

Victoria Station

Grill restaurant 11 comments
11, boulevard Montmartre
75002 Paris
"Great food for a good price comfortable seating. Good change from bar/cafe scene" more... »
photo Lac Tana

Lac Tana

Ethiopian restaurant 9 comments
38 Rue Fondary
75015 Paris
"Really amazing Ethioian food. Better than anything I've had in North America!" more... »
no photo of restaurant L'Aubergeade


French restaurant 18 comments
17bis rue de Chaligny
75012 Paris
"The most delicious restaurant I have ever been to. Fantastic service, perfect food and decent prices. It's small..." more... »
photo La Pinède

La Pinède

Lebanese restaurant 41 comments
10 rue Mignard
75116 Paris
"Tres sympa. un restaurant libanais a ne pas rater. en plus du vaste choix, les prix sont corrects et la qualite top...." more... »
photo Balaji


Indian restaurant 9 comments
134-136 rue saint maur
75011 Paris
photo La Scala

La Scala

Italian restaurant 1 comment
5 rue Paul- Louis Courier
75007 Paris
"Excellent pizza And pastas. Gracious And charmons hostess. Highlanders recommended" more... »
photo Le Chablis

Le Chablis

French restaurant 2 comments
12 rue Guillaume Tell
75017 Paris
"Amazing food. Had the moules and frites and crème caramel. I could have eaten it again. Very traditional French..." more... »
photo Le Château De L'Ouest

Le Château De L'Ouest

French restaurant 4 comments
101 Rue Du Château
75014 Paris
""La cuisine" like my grandmother cooks it: with simplicity, generosity and talent! The chef loves to treat us..." more... »
photo L'Entracte des Gobelins

L'Entracte des Gobelins

French restaurant 1 comment
75, Avenue des Gobelins
75013 Paris
"Veal was the pick of a good range of dishes Very friendly and relaxed Extremely Best Irish coffee..." more... »
photo la petite rose des sables

la petite rose des sables

Traditional restaurant 46 comments
6 rue de Lancry
75010 Paris
"Had a really beautiful meal here this evening with the owners who treated us brilliantly! This was traditional French..." more... »
photo Fuji yaki

Fuji yaki

Japanese restaurant 4 comments
20 rue henri monnier
75009 Paris
photo O Corcovado

O Corcovado

Brazilian restaurant 6 comments
152, rue du Château
75014 Paris
"I Had tested a lot of restaurants in London and Paris (my wife is brazilian) and O Corcovado restaurant is surely the..." more... »
photo l'Escarmouche


South-west restaurant 9 comments
40 rue de la montagne Sainte Geneviève
75005 Paris
"Ageee with last comment. Consistently good, especially duck." more... »
photo D'avenir


Gastropub restaurant 1 comment
24 rue de la folie méricourt
75011 Paris
photo Royal Bombay

Royal Bombay

Indian restaurant 8 comments
104 Boulevard de l'Hôpital
75013 Paris
photo La verriere

La verriere

Vegan restaurant 3 comments
24 avenue de Tourville
75007 Paris
"Preferred the big variety on the salad bar and the vegan pate. Very nice modern decoration and peaceful atmosphere...." more... »
photo L'assiette


South-west restaurant 18 comments
78 rue Labat
75018 Paris
"Hard to find the street where this really nice place is located. Here you'll get some great and original meals..." more... »
photo Oh! Duo

Oh! Duo

French restaurant 10 comments
54 avenue Emile Zola
75015 Paris
photo La Rose Bleue

La Rose Bleue

French restaurant 3 comments
15 Rue Choron
75009 Paris
"The most beautifull restaurant, their saint jack salad it is wonderfull" more... »
photo Midory


Japanese restaurant 30 comments
49, Rue De L'arbre Sec
75001 Paris
"Very nice Japanese menu for 24 Euros. Great miso, faboulus tuna. The brouchettes rather plain." more... »
photo le cheval de Troie

le cheval de Troie

Turkish restaurant 6 comments
71 rue de Charenton
75012 Paris
"2012 A wonderful experience - atmosphere, food, service! The owner was there and made a huge effort to guide us through..." more... »
photo La Poutre

La Poutre

Traditional restaurant 8 comments
10 Rue Des Trois Freres
75018 Paris
"A very warm and friendly atmosphere. The cuisine excellent with home made chips! Will definitely be going back." more... »
photo Zicatela


Mexican restaurant 20 comments
8 rue Geoffroy Marie
75009 Paris
photo La Fresque

La Fresque

French restaurant 8 comments
100, rue Rambuteau
75001 Paris
"wonderful friendly and great staff. Super food at very good prices. I love the table for singles, where it is wide..." more... »
photo Candela Caliente

Candela Caliente

Spanish restaurant 20 comments
150 boulevard Voltaire
75011 Paris
"provied good foods and excellent and clean working condition ... cheep price everything is really very good....bright..." more... »

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