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Anchor and Hope

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Average à la carte price - first course, main course, dessert £ 35
Average main course price: £ 15
Opening times:
Opening times:
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Comments for Anchor and Hope

C. Davies
Wed 2 Sep 2009 at 11:28PM

An unforgettable meal - for all the wrong reasons. Two guests wanted steak well done - this was refused "because the chef does not believe steak should be cooked well done." So they ordered fish, assuming it would come with some trimmings. Er, no. Just fish. When they asked for a side order of French frieds this was refused "because frieds don't come as a side dish, onlhy with some main meals." Let them eat fish. But not fish and chips. I was fortunate that I wanted a steak medium/rare which is how the chef likes to cook it (disregard who is paying) and it came with French frieds. Lucky me. However, my request for that incredibly involved side dish - a tomato salad - was refused "because we only do green salads." I recommend this restaurant - as long as you are happy to eat what the chef wants you to and not what you want to eat and pay for. Avoid.

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